I'm Hunter.

be doing

My name's (Kenneth) Hunter (Wapman). I dig doing; I'm into understanding.

I'm a graduate student in Computer Science at the University of Colorado, Boulder; I work with Dan Larremore.

Most of my research is in modeling human behavior and quantifying the structure and complexity of art.

I also spend time writing, climbing, and running.

Words are cool, vim is too.

Hit me up if you wanna talk about Bosch.


a simple way to create, share, and interact with network visualizations

Infinite Jest Nets

a project to explore David Foster Wallace's Infinite Jest as a network

2018 Music

Favorite Music of 2018 (in alphabetical order)

2018 Books

Favorite Books read in 2018 (in alphabetical order)

Parquet Courts

Content Nausea, World War Four